The Inn at Camachee Harbor contact is Ellen Morgan.  Her ditrect number is 904-825-0003 or e-mail her at

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Below is pertinent information about the Inn.


201 Yacht Club Dr

Saint Augustine, FL 32084

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The Inn at Camachee Harbor is comprised of 19 individually-owned units.  Each owner has 100% membership in the condominium association that owns the hotel.  Owners are responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of their individual room, and any exterior work that is done is split between all the owners.  Coastal Realty & Property Management has a management agreement to manage and maintain the property’s appearance and functionality.

Inn at Camachee Harbor Condo Association/Condotel Facts:

  • Each owner is required to be part of the rental program.
  • This is not a residential community.  Owners are not allowed to live here, but to visit like any other guest.  They may use their unit up to 15 weeks (105 days) per year.
  • Owner’s guests are allowed to stay here under an owner reservation, but the above rule does apply in regards to how much time is allowed.
  • Variable Operating Expenses are charged to the owner based on the amount his or her room was rented out during that month compared with the other rooms.  The number of nights each room is occupied is divided into the total occupied nights for the Inn, giving us what percentage that owner will pay for the utilities that are influenced by occupancy.  (Note: owner nights used by the owner or his/her guest are counted as rented nights, so that will be factored into the charges for expenses based on occupancy.)
  • Permission for major changes in the unit’s décor and furniture cannot be completed without the owner’s permission.  Small changes and repairs that inhibit the functionality of the unit are acceptable without contacting the owner.  For major emergencies, the manager will contact the owner and inform them of the service required.
  • Owners meet once a year at their annual membership meeting in November to discuss the next year’s budget, marketing ideas, and upcoming projects.
  • Coastal Realty & Property Management takes 13% commission on revenue as the management fee.  This is in addition to cost of payroll and physical expenses to maintain the Inn.


Ownership at The Inn at Camachee Harbor

Owner Responsibilities

  • Condominium Association Dues (Monthly)
  • Operating Expenses (Monthly)
  • Keeping owned unit up-to-date


Management Responsibilities

Managing the daily function as an Inn:

On site 364 days per year for:

  • Booking reservations
  • Checking in and checking out guests
  • Assisting guests with directions, restaurant and activities recommendations, etc.
  • Assisting potential guests with any inquiries by phone or email
  • Cleaning and folding laundry (done in house)
  • Directing housekeeping
  • Inspecting units to keep them in good and clean working order
  • Ensuring the comfort and safety of the Inn by managing pest control, landscaping, AC maintenance, etc.
  • Providing after-hours management services through an answering service
  • Maintaining a user-friendly website for guests to find information and book reservations

Managing the Association:

  • Providing and managing cost effective advertising tools
  • Providing and maintaining healthy relationships with area vendors and businesses for both guest and owner needs
  • Managing a maintenance man
  • Assisting with large scale projects by acquiring bids and making recommendations
  • Preparing for all association and board meetings (sending required notices, preparing agendas, preparing budgets, etc.)
  • Acquiring and maintaining contracts for insurance
  • Enforcement of Condominium Rules and Regulations
  • Providing expert knowledge of condominium law
  • Processing estoppel request for home sales and owner refinances
  • File annual corporate report to State
  • Full time staff CPA to provide monthly financial for Association, annual compilation and filing annual tax return